155 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-11-2015 American Flag flying on Restoration Flag Pole.jpg
192 Copyright C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 5-17-2016 Carlos Franco special crop with name.jpg
029 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-21-2015 Saks Fifth Avenue Store Closeup of Sign and Wreath.jpg
017 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-21-2015 Front of Ralph Lauren Store without tree lights on.jpg
074 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-11-2015 Livvy Floren and Police Color Guard and Wreath.jpg
31 Copyright C Semmes Greenwich_CT 12-4-2015Tiera Restraunt .jpg
037 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-11-2015 Livvy Floren speaking with Color Guard in Background.jpg
150 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-11-2015 Greenwich School Bus.jpg
046 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-21-2015 St Mary's Church Posterized.jpg
038 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-21-2015 Hoagland's Toy Window.jpg
Freedom Clogs 2 0 MB Posterized Perfectly Clear Applied.jpg
CCS_2106 Freedom Clogs RT.jpg
CCS_2110 Freedom Clogs on the rt foot RT.jpg
CCS_2112 Freedom Clog on left foot from the side RT.jpg
002 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 8-23-15 GHS Ring showing 69.jpg
003 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 8-23-15 Front of GHS ring.jpg
004 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 8-23-15 GHS Ring showing the 19.jpg
005 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-22-2015 Plane Flying into Westchester Airpor with Red Sky.jpg
164  C_Semmes_Gr_CT_8-22-14.JPG
001Copyright by C Semmes_Greenwich_CT 8 8_17  cropped as a small image.jpg
037_Copyright Christopher Semmes Greenwich_CT 10-5-2017.JPG
Greenwich Town Hall with Flag067 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT_7-4-16 150 dpi for yelp page.jpg
006© Photo by- Christopher Semmes_Greenwich, CT 7-17-17 1_05 AM Moon.jpg
005© Photo by- Christopher Semmes_Greenwich, CT 7-5-17 6 x 4 back yard Sunrise.jpg
220 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 7-2-16 People watching Binny Park Fireworks at Tod's.jpg
147 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 7-2-16 Fireworks looking at Binny Park.jpg
003 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-21-2015 View of Restoration Hardward from Arch Street Corner.jpg
013 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 7-2-16 Boats at Tod's.jpg
052 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-21-2015 American Flag outside Betterridge Jewelry's.jpg
013_Copyright Christopher Semmes Greenwich_CT 3-8--2018 6 x 4 Freddy speaking.jpg
289.© Photos by_Christopher_Semmes_Greenwich,CT_5_15_09.jpg
059 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-11-2015 Young girl Speaking at Podium 6 x 4 300 _12.jpg
386 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 9-26-2015 DVD Cover.jpg
 This is the Avon Theater in Stamford, Connecticut in the rain.  I added some color enhancements to make it look more interesting.
Sunrise in Greenwich.
003_Copyright Christopher Semmes Greenwich_CT 3-20--2018 another view of back yard sunrise.jpg
Monsignor Guinan From Greenwich Magazine  Sept 1993 page 31.jpg
24 Clock enhanced 6 x 9 with name.jpg
40 Copyright C Semmes Greenwich_CT 12-4-2015 Old Town Hall decorate trees for Christmas .jpg
022 c Semmes_ Gr_CT-12-10-13 6 x 4.jpg
047 C_Semmes_Greenwich_CT 11-21-2015 Looking down Greenwich Avneue from St Mary's Church Wall.jpg
31 Copyright C Semmes Greenwich_CT 12-4-2015Tiera Restraunt .jpg
101 Town Hall Clock Closeup for Russ at Chamber Publication 2-25-13.jpg
9 x 6 Print_12 Copyright_CSemmes v2 200dpi.jpg
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